Basswood Hill Organics 2020

Homesteaded in 1886, Basswood Hill is a multi-generational family farm producing non-GMO, organically-raised, heirloom variety vegetables, herbs, occasional brew hops, and wildflower honey.

Basswood Hill organic produce is carried by:

Stout’s Island Lodge Resort, Birchwood WI

20 Mile Organic and Local Store, Barronette WI

Main Street Market Whole Foods, Rice Lake WI

Available for Commercial, Market or private sale.

Fresh Ramps - Spring 2019

Contact: 715-822-4756

Email us at any time.

Read more about us on: LOCAL HARVEST!


Family Owned - Organically Grown

  1. -Heirloom Varieties

  2. -Small Batch Hops

  3. -Wildflower Honey

  4. -Edible Flowers

  5. -Organic

  6. -Non-GMO


Todd Jones


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